DeathsDoorStep Picked by AutoCulture as One of the Top Ten Cars of the Last Decade…

DeathsDoorStep @ SoCal SpeedShop

DeathsDoorStep @ SoCal SpeedShop


This is pretty Cool to be included on this list…..Thanks for thinking it was worthy even if it’s unfinished…………The following is from the article….

So, we waded through all our lists and your lists and we pretty much stayed up all night pounding Mission hot dogs and cheap whiskey and had one of those corkboards crammed with about a berflillion scraps of paper and photos a la Russell Crowe’s Jersey HQ in “American Gangster.” Dig it.

And we came up with our Top 10 all-time greatest cars of the last decade. What does this mean for you? One way to look at it is as the best private car show on the planet. Or that we’re only half-right. Or wrong. Yet another way to see this list is an assemblage of cars built and/or finished between 2000 and 2009 that were genre-defining. Or set the pace for a whole new approach to the category. Or a whole new category. Or that was so influential, it launched a thousand other inspired (some would say copy-cat) builds.

You’ll see a few of the same models, but that just couldn’t be helped. We took into consideration a few categories: customs, hot rods, showcars and overall genre-definers. We didn’t nix a car simply because there was another make/model just like it. So, there’s that. And really, we didn’t include any restorations. We feel like those cars already made their moves the first time around and didn’t count for this list.

So there you have it. And have at it –– we hope you like. But, hey, whittling down this list to ten was like trying to make a mix tape for the hottest girl in class. And you’ve only got a 30-minute cassette.

Dave Lohr’s ‘30 Model A coupe “Death’s Doorstep”
Dave Lohr built this little sucker a few years ago and launched more than a few copies since. The unique flat creeper stance of this hemi-spun, digger-esque street racer proves that scene-changing cars can come out of the Midwest. Ohio, to be exact. Dave’s talents as a builder on this deal landed him a spot on Jimmy Shine’s TV show a couple years ago and he’s built a few high-toned sons-a-bitches since. We love Death’s Doorstep for its overall insane commitment to real dragster style: the engine setback, the 18″ spindle-mounts and lack of radiator up front, slicks out back and an unchopped but heavily channeled Model A coupe body. Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that more than a few people have copied Dave’s style since Death’s Doorstep hit the street. And its influence is one of the reasons it made the list.

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