Death Comes Quickly @ DragWay 42……..

Broken Camshaft and lifter..

Broken Camshaft and lifter..

Well the season is over for the Truck…..the end came quickly this past Sunday while @ a test-n-tune held at DragWay 42 during the first pass attempt……The truck took off like a monster w/ my thumb riding the Nitrous button from the drop of the last yellow bulb……It took the wheel out of my hand again so I was forced to get out of the gas prior to the 60′ mark..The engine shut down just past the 60′ mark and I was able to coast to the side and pull off the Track…The Truck recorded a 1.300 60′ time and that included getting off the fun pedal quickly then back into it..It was the best ever 60′ time to date so the Truck was on a mission and no joy ride !

I jumped out expecting to see the bottom of the Truck oil soaked or some other type of bad damage..but saw none….I had it towed back to the trailer and found that I had no spark..Thought it was the coil, so on the way home I picked up a coil @ summit Racing and installed it later that night..But still had no spark..I tested the MSD box and it was found to be functional…so that only left the ignition module in the Mallory Unilite dizzy…..I order one and installed it and still no spark,

Then I noticed each time I had the dizzy cap off the rotor was still in the same position..not good……I pulled the engine and the above pic is what I found..Their still is on more 3” or so peice of camshaft left in the engine..It also took a large chuck out of cylinder 7’s exhuast lifter and hurt that bore a little..

The Truck will be retired as of now and returned to street duty…Its best time was 10.37 @ 124 mph and change w/ a 60′ time of 1.364 running six 94 carbs…I will rebuild the 327 that I originally had bolted in it, which ran a best of 12.21 @ the Strip…It’s time to build a real race car and stop tearing up this Truck….Littleman

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